3 of the Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

“Whether perched above the Mediterranean or nestling in the heart of a town, whether inspired by rural tradition or by the history of Italy, Greece, and Portugal, or governed by a joyous sensuality, the gardens of Jean Mus show that imagination and sensitivity are more important than the ruler and the compass,” writes Diane McDowell, author of the new book Private Gardens of the Mediterranean

Thai Europe with a few tropical spices

The two square kilometers wide Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is one of the most visited places in Thailand. Located near the town of Pattaya, this park is famous for its themed gardens. One of these themes is European.

Walking around in this garden will make you feel like you are literally walking in one of the old continent’s gardens since here you can not only gaze your eyes upon beautiful plants and flowers but also check out many Greek and Italian style sculptures and furniture. It is also worth mentioning that Nong Nooch is actually a home of millions colorful butterflies, a conservatory of orchids, a cactus garden and even a real copy of the Stonehenge too!theworldandthensomecom-56a62295a13fd-1.jpg

To Tokyo for delightful Sakura or bright maples

Koishikawa Korakuen Professional flowerbeds obliges more than you can consider – from the breathtaking Japanese conventional patio nurseries to delightful and mysterious scenes also.

The most established and surely the most excellent garden in Tokyo will welcome you with wrinkle and tight ways, modest and charming extensions, and delightful plants which all draw in a great many guests throughout the entire year. Yet, I have the little mystery for you – it is viewed as that the best time to visit this stop in either on the early December or the start of the spring. Around the main timeframe, maple leaves cover in different clear hues, as in the early spring here you can appreciate delightful and incredible blooming of pink Sakura.theworldandthensomecom-56a62295ae67b-1.jpg

Hawaiian thought for future love birds

There is a joke that Hawaiian Na ‘Aina Some stop was intended for the individuals who don’t care for the professional flowerbeds. Be that as it may, here is no deficiency of waterfalls, pools, and wellsprings, and among uncommon tropical plants, here you can likewise appreciate more than 90 bronze statues depicting people and different creatures.

The Na ‘Aina Some stop ought to get more consideration from you particularly on the off chance that you are arranging your wedding soon. Excellent shorelines actually encompass the entire garden, so it can be an impeccable goal wedding place for a shoreline wedding as well!theworldandthensomecom-56a6229574e6c-1Thank you for reading. Keep visiting for more interesting posts.



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